VCOSS Submission


In 2004 the ESSENTIAL SERVICES COMMISSION wrote that for its enquiry then into the HIRE CAR LICENCE FEE, that its primary objective was the protection of the long term interests of Victorian consumers with regard to the price, quality and reliability of essential services.

Furthermore the ESC stated that in seeking to achieve this primary objective, ‘’the Commission must have regard to facilitating objectives that include the prevention of the misuse of monopoly or non-transitory market power, the facilitation of effective competition and the promotion of competitive market conduct and ensuring that users and consumers benefit from the gains from competition and efficiency.?

Recently I attended a VCOSS run meeting with PROFESSOR FELS and others held at ETIHAD STADIUM. The others in the room represented what I consider the living proof that the ESC and the Victorian Government thru the Victorian Taxi Directorate have failed in their objective and those consumers and providers of services to the community were confirming this.

However, these providers and users are feeling empowered by the new Governments attempt to take their wishes further and the proof will be in the pudding. The number of attendees, the fact that VCOSS felt compelled to bring their views forward to the TII, and that Professor Fels did attend to hear and listen to people speak was also an invitation for some to say ‘’enough is enough’’ and let’s get on with looking after those less fortunate than ourselves.

As such I am strongly recommending that there be a new taxi industry: one that includes a taxi depot/ central booking system for wheelchair taxi type vehicles only and/or for those solely interested in dealing with providing transport for anyone with a disability. Let the other parties do what they like but let us the disabled/ injured/ mentally ill/ deaf and blind etc have the best taxis and access to same that is at all possible.

If this means two separate taxi industries then so be it. Because this depot for the provision of transport services to the disabled will be second to none in the world and will use the knowledge and influence and power of the disabled to assist them and others in getting around. These people ARE different and they deserve something different to what they have been getting- they deserve better.

They will employ only those interested in helping those not as well of as I am; we shall provide them with various styles of vehicles and we shall get government subsidies and most of all we shall get drivers that are fully trained and care. We shall be multicultural using our international experiences to assist all including the aged and the infirmed.

We shall advertise extensively what we have to offer and our work will be proof that you can get around (user) and that you can make money doing so (provider). How do we do it———– give us the energy and the facilities and the subsidies and we shall show you how to do it.

We can do it better and with VCOSS and government onside and with providers interested why don’t we just do it. I call on the TII to join with other interested parties in bypassing the VTD and getting a new taxi service for the disabled, handicapped, injured, aged or infirm set up as a matter of priority